Here are some other options for possible syllabi arcs for both ENGL101 and ENGL102. These do not all follow the model syllabi provided for new instructors.

Instead, these documents are a brief snapshot of possible assignment sequences that offer other ways to incorporate digital assignments at some point in the semester.

ENGL101 Syllabi arc 1

ENGL101 Syllabi arc 2

ENGL101 CourseTheme: Diversity (with possible readings)

ENGL102 Syllabi arc 3

ENGL102 Syllabi arc 4

ENGL102 Course Theme: Community (with possible readings)

Here are model syllabi for both ENGL101 and ENGL102 for new instructors for Fall 2015, in editable format based on a MWF schedule.

ENGL101 Model Syllabus Fall 2015

ENGL102 Model Syllabus Fall 2015

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