Click on this link to download the May 2016 Assessment rubric that we used for our program assessment of students’ Concept in 60 videos.

Rubrics from 2015-16 UofL instructors’ Concept in 60 assignments

Douglas C60 rubric

Petcher C60 assignment, rubric 101

Petcher C60 assignment, rubric 102

Follow this link to see additional examples of rubrics for digital assignments that writing instructors have used here at UofL.

Documents from Cindy Selfe’s talk on assessment during the DCC 2015:

Rhetorical Assessment

Concept in 60 Assignment

Concept in 60 Rubric

Read Crystal VanKooten’s “Toward a Rhetorically Sensitive Assessment Model for New Media Composition.”

From the abstract:

…this chapter offers an adaptable model for the assessment of new media composition in the writing classroom. I begin with a brief survey of literature that provides a rationale and lays a foundation for the assessment model, and then present the model, which draws specifically from three assessment frameworks espoused by Paul Allison (2009), Eve Bearne (2009), and Michael Neal (2011).


Or read more from the entire edited collection, Digital Writing Assessment and Evaluation edited by Heidi A. McKee and Dànielle Nicole DeVoss



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