English 101 – Assignment Arc 1

Digital Remediation/Repurpose, as last assignment

Focal Goals:

  • compose in multiple genres & media
  • respond to multiple rhetorical situations & audiences
1. Genre: Literacy Narrative
Purpose: explore an event, moment, or story important to individual’s literacy or trajectory toward college
Artifacts: personal narratives, images
Medium: alphabetic page-based text, possibly with images, video, audio, or (links to) other media
2. Genre: Critical Reading/Annotated Bibliography
Purpose: curate a series of artifacts related to a theme and create annotations of them (summary and analysis)
Artifacts: texts in multiple media (still images, video, audio, alphabetic texts, mutt genres)
Medium: alphabetic page-based text analyzing multimedia sources
3. Genre: Rhetorical Analysis
Purpose: analyze in-depth another writer’s arguments
Artifacts: a single substantive text, any medium or genre
Medium: alphabetic page-based text, inserted/referenced medium or genre of argument being analyzed
4. Genre: Remediation/Repurpose
Purpose: synthesize multiple views on a single concept for a different audience in a multimodal text
Artifacts may include: still and moving images, music, voiceover, titles and/or other text, credits
Medium: video, podcast, video or audio essay


*Assignments are adaptable by course theme and can be modified to include more multimedia artifacts within assignments and/or between assignments (i.e., lower stakes digital bridge assignments as moments of play, invention, or discovery)