English 102 – Assignment Arc 3

Synthesis/Digital Bridge, as third assignment

Focal Goals:

  • Create and argue a position in relation to research & multiple viewpoints
  • Place sources in context of other research
1. Genre: Research Proposal
Purpose: propose a research project for the semester
Artifacts: previous knowledge, research questions, research plan
Medium: alphabetic page-based text
2. Genre: Textual Analysis
Purpose: analyze one scholarly source in-depth
Might also include an annotated bibliography (4-6 sources) before or after this analysis assignment
Artifacts: a single substantive scholarly text, any medium or genre
Medium: alphabetic page-based text
3. Genre: Synthesis/Digital Bridge
Purpose: curate a series of digital artifacts related to a single concept and explore multiple viewpoints in a multimodal text
Artifacts may include: still and moving images, music, voiceover, title and/or other text, and credits
Medium: video, podcast, video or audio essay
4. Genre: Research Paper
Purpose: synthesize sources around a single concept or question and put multiple viewpoints in conversation with each other, identifying patterns and gaps in research
Artifacts: multiple scholarly texts, any medium or genre
Medium: alphabetic page-based text, inserted/referenced medium or genre of argument being analyzed

*Assignments are adaptable by course theme and can be modified to include more multimedia artifacts within assignments and/or between assignments (i.e., lower stakes digital bridge assignments as moments of play, invention, or discovery)