ENGL102 – Course Theme – Community Issues

Concept in 60 Video as Bridge, as third assignment


1. Genre: Proposal & Annotated BibliographyPrompt: Choose an issue that is a particular problem in Louisville. If you choose something broad like homelessness or sustainability, you will need to show how this problem affects Louisville. Resources should include popular, news, and academic sources that are local and national.

Requirements: proposal between 700-1000 words; 4 annotations between 300-500 words each

2. Genre: Textual AnalysisPrompt: Choose an academic text (scholarly article or book chapter)  to analyze that discusses your community issue.

Requirements: A 1500-2000 word paper analyzing one source

3. Genre: Video Exploration, Concept in 60Prompt: Use this video as a way to explore what you have learned so far about your issue. This should be starting to point toward the argument you want to make in your research paper.

Requirements: A 1-2 minute video including audio, video, still images, and text

4. Genre: Research PaperPrompt: The research paper will explore various points of view about your community issue, forming an argument about what this issue is, why it is especially important to Louisville, and what people are or should be doing about it.

Requirements: An 8-10 page research paper that enters into a conversation about your issue and uses 8-10 sources


Possible readings:

This course theme requires the use of readings about exploring community issues. Some possibilities include: